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6 Fun Things to Do in Tulum

In recent years Tulum has become a popular destination in the Riviera Maya. And it has definitely gained ground on lively areas like Playa del Carmen. Already in the article about where to stay in the Riviera Maya I told you about Tulum, as a quiet area to stay and with a price environment.

Tulum is popular for its archaeological zone but what else can you do here? In this post I talk about 5 fun things to do in Tulum.

1. Archaeological zone of Tulum

There is no doubt that the archaeological zone of Tulum is one of the essential places to visit in the area.

The archaeological zone is located 3 kilometers from Tulum. The cheapest option to get there is by bicycle, if you arrive by car , you will have to pay between 100 and 180 pesos.

You can also get there by hiring an excursion, especially if you are staying further away and do not have a rental car.

If you go on your own, as soon as you arrive at the box office you can buy the tickets. Even if you want you can sign up for a guided tour.

The location of the archaeological zone next to the Caribbean Sea makes the experience truly incredible. It’s worth a visit!

2. Walk the main street of Tulum

In the main street of Tulum you will find several restaurants, hotels, hostels, souvenir shops. It is the ideal place to buy a souvenir and walk. In addition, it is one of the liveliest areas with a very youthful but calm atmosphere.

It is also a good area for cycling. It has a bike path and from there you can take several trails. There are bike rentals in the area and there are even hotels that have this service, sometimes free.

3. Meet the church of Tulum

In downtown Tulum there are no large buildings to visit. It is a hotel zone, where you will find a main commercial street. But in general they are hotels.

Going by bike we found a small yellow church with white details and a large bell tower. It is found in the vegetation, but it is very visible and if you ask anyone in town they will tell you how to get there.

4. Visit the Kaan Luum Lagoon

Kaam Luum means yellow land and is a freshwater lagoon. In the center of the lagoon there is a cenote with 82 meters of depth and in it you can practice diving or apnea with an extra cost. The landscape is beautiful and the ideal environment to unwind and enjoy a few hours.

We arrived by bicycle, it is not very far from Tulum, but you will have to pedal for a while. But you can also get as far as possible by car and then you will have to walk a section.

5. Enjoy the Cenote Escondido and the Cenote de Cristal, one of the best things to do in Tulum

This beautiful paradise is located close to Tulu, just 3km away. And although they are two cenotes close to a very popular tourist spot, the organized excursions in the area do not include a stop at it, so a large volume of tourists do not even know that it exists. When we arrived we found it just for us.

To access these cenotes, as in the vast majority, you must pay an entrance fee. This entrance is shared, it costs 120 mxn and you can access both the hidden Cenote and the Cristal cenote.

Each of the cenotes is located at a lake from the road and to be able to locate them you must look at the small local sign nailed to a post.

6. Enjoy gastronomy

Mexican gastronomy is Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Take advantage of! And try all the traditional dishes.

The most local and traditional restaurants are on the main street. Although many hotels also offer options, but I advise you to go out, walk around and find a more local restaurant, or a street stall, to try their delicacies.


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