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A Brief Description of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are natural resources which, despite constant consumption, are re-formed, because their production processes are short-lived and conditions still exist for them to occur in nature. Renewable resources include all living components of nature.…

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Ocean Waves As an Alternative Energy Solution

According to the climate mitigation strategy developed by researchers Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow of Princeton University, at least two million megawatts of renewable energy will have to be produced over the next 40 years…

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alternative energy benefits

Alternative energy is frequently brought to the attention of public opinion as a viable and economical source for electricity and thermal energy supply, now and in the future, at the macro and individual levels.  …

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Remarkable Project Managers – Frank Crowe

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without the use of electricity. Energy was, is and will be needed by people in their lives. Its form, form or use may be different, but above all we need…

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What Exactly Is Hydroelectricity?

The Bourne Energy company, which comes from California, has developed and presented a mobile water power generator that can generate up to 500W of energy. The device can be put on the back just like a bag or backpack. Transport over even long…

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