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Waste Generation From Alternative Energy Sources

Supplying heat to the building is one of the most important necessities, especially in our climate zone. The more that thermal energy is usually the largest part of the total energy consumed in a residential building.…

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China’s Renewable Energy Plans – Shaken Not Stirred

This Friday, the draft law on the National Council of the Judiciary will be ready – Senate Deputy Marshal Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka announced in an interview with DGP What will be the Senate’s decision regarding Judges Disciplinary…

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The 4 Main Types of Renewable Energy

Hydropower (also known as hydropower) Hydroenergy is probably the oldest and most commonly used source of renewable energy. The power in flowing or falling water has been processed and used economically for centuries. Prior to the invention of…

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Hydro Power Explained

The Ministry of Digitization and the National Fund for Environmental Protection activate the possibility of submitting an electronic application under the subsidy program for home micro-installations – My Electricity . Until now, applications could only be submitted in…

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Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages – Solar Energy Facts Everyone Must Know!

On average, we know about renewable energy sources (RES) that they are beneficial to the environment. How are natural ways of generating electricity used? How do solar panels work to convert sunlight into electricity? Here is a short…

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