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How to visit the Colorado Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Colorado is located in the state of Arizona (United States). It is 446 km long, 29 km wide and 1.6 km deep. Its popularity is due to its immensity and great beauty, created thanks to its combination of colors and shapes that have been created over millions of years due to erosion. It is one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world.

There are three areas that can be visited. In this post I tell you what areas you can visit, how to visit the Colorado Canyon, how to get there, where to stay, travel tips…

You have several options to visit the Grand Canyon, either by yourself arriving here by rental car and staying in the area or on an excursion or hiring an excursion that usually leaves from Las Vegas, which will take you to see the Canyon with a guide in Spanish speaking.

Areas of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

1.West Rim

The west part of the Grand Canyon (West Rim or Grand Canyon West) is the most popular part if you want to arrive from Las Vegas, since it is the closest point to the city that is about 180km away.

This area is owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe and is characterized by its incredible, narrow and deep cliffs. It is also famous for being the site of the Skywalk, the glass-bottomed observation deck located on a cliff 1,300 meters deep.

2. South Rim

South Rim is located in the heart of the Grand Canyon National Park , and is the most visited of the three areas that make up the Grand Canyon. Its closest towns are Phoenix, Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

3.North Rim

The northern part of the Grand Canyon is the least visited of the three, as it is more isolated and its views are less interesting . Being the highest area, it is usually covered in snow and can only be visited between May and October.

To be able to visit the Canyon in this area head to the nearest city, Flagstaff. Being a more isolated area, it is also the quietest and least touristy.

How to get to the Grand Canyon

You can arrive by land or by air. Choosing a guided excursion or going on your own.

How to get there by car from Las Vegas

The easiest and most common option is to get to the Colorado Canyon from Las Vegas. Currently, for a few years there has been a bridge over the Hoover Dam, which reduces travel time. So it will take you just over 2 hours from Las Vegas.

This option is great for those who want to do a day trip on their own and return to Las Vegas in the afternoon/evening to stay.

The closest area to Las Vegas is the West Rim.

For those of you who don’t want to go on your own by car, you can take an excursion from Las Vegas.

Colorado Grand Canyon Tour from Las Vegas

If you are doing a road trip and you are going to spend a few days in Las Vegas, a great option is to add an excursion that includes transportation, guide in Spanish. In these tours you can add helicopter flight and some additional activities.

Even if you have a rental car with which you have arrived in Las Vegas, going with an excursion guarantees that you are taken to the exact places where you will have fantastic views of the canyon, in addition to having a guide who explains all the history about the canyon. canyon and surroundings.

It is the most comfortable option.

Colorado South Rim Grand Canyon Tour from Las Vegas

If you prefer to visit the South Rom of the Colorado Canyon, from Las Vegas there is an excursion that includes the guided tour and transportation, as well as several activities that you can add, such as the helicopter flight…

Full Colorado Grand Canyon with Skywalk from Las Vegas

If you want, you can also live the full experience and book an excursion that includes visiting the Colorado Canyon by flying over it.

You will see from the air the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Boulder City and the Colorado River, until you reach the west part of the Grand Canyon.

Then you will tour the Grand Canyon area by land, visiting the most spectacular viewpoints and places.

This excursion is not the cheapest, but it is the one that includes a more complete experience.

How to get there by car from Phoenix

If you are not in Las Vegas, you can arrive from other areas of Arizona. If you are in Phoenix you can rent a car and drive to the city of Flagstaff. From this city, you can make the day trip to the Canyon, visiting the North Rim area and return to Flagstaff at night to stay.

Other activities to do in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

If you decide to go on your own and stay at a campsite or hotel in nearby cities, you can do some activities in the Canyon:


There is the possibility of free walks or walks guided by rangers. Departures are made every day of the year, although they can be canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions. You can see all the information on theĀ  Grand Canyon AssociationĀ  page where guides and more detailed information are offered.

Bike routes

If you like to ride a bike, this place offers the possibility of doing many trails and routes. You can rent a bike and go on your own or hire a guided tour.


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